Mornington Pennisula Surf School

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If you have ever wanted to try surfing – here’s the perfect opportunity.

The friendly and safe conditions provided by our surf school will allow you to learn how to surf with confidence and assurance.

This is made possible by the quality of its coaching staff who are all local competition surfers and the safe locations where classes are held.

Our groups are kept small to help ensure proper supervision including individual coaching with either male or female instructors on request.

Our equipment is user friendly. The full board Malibus are made from rubber and plastic which provides great stability. They allow the student time to catch good waves and get to their feet. They are the best available to learn with. We have a large range of wetsuits in varying designs to keep students comfortable and warm.

School and group discounts and Intermediate to Advanced Competition coaching is also available.

Teachers, please refer to For Schools page on our website.

From beginner to intermediate and event advanced, you can progress with our coaches who also compete at local and state surfing competitions.

And if that is not enough, just consider that surfing is a great way to improve your fitness and self confidence.

Teatox is the new detox

Teatox is the new detox

Many people like to avail themselves of detox regimens to clear out toxins in their systems and improve their overall health, but some can’t tolerate the strong juices used for the process. A new alternative that is gaining favor is detox using tea, called “teatox.”

One of the big advantages of a teatox regimen is that it is easier on the system for many people than a traditional detox using strong fruit juices. That means the detox regimen is better tolerated, allowing its positive effects without the negative side effects.

Another plus to teatox from regimens is for people with certain health conditions. Those with diabetes, for example, may not be able to use a detox regimen with fruit juices because of the amount of sugar in them. In such a case, doing a teatox regimen may be the more acceptable option.

Just as with a regular detox regimen, when doing a teatox program, you have to be aware of the potential risks. You must evaluate any ingredients added to the teas to ensure they will not interact negatively with any medications you are taking nor exacerbate any existing health issues you have.

Using a teatox regimen can be a good alternative to traditional detox. Teatox programs have many advantages and can help you reach your goals, be they detoxification of your system, weight loss or other benefits.

Why Driving Lessons Melbourne Are the Best Option

Why Driving Lessons Melbourne Are the Best Option

In order to become a licensed driver in Australia, you must take and pass the driving test. This requires you to understand all of the driving and road laws for the country as well as to know how to operate a vehicle safely and properly. There are several different steps that you can take to prepare for your driving test, but with a closer review of all of the driver’s training options available, you may decide that driving lessons Melbourne are the best option for you.

In order to pass your driving test in Melbourne, you must understand the rules of the road, and you must also pass the behind the wheel test. Driving lessons Melbourne provide you with education and training for both of these options. There are several different types of lessons that you can take, including online and classrooms lessons to learn the roadway and driving laws. The best driving lessons Melbourne also come with several sessions behind the wheel with a trainer or instructor assisting you. In this way, driving lessons Melbourne will give you the comprehensive educational experience that you need.

Of course, learning how to drive is about more than just passing the test. Driving lessons Melbourne will Hienz Drive School indeed give you the knowledge and skills you need to pass your test and to get your driver’s license. However, driving lessons Melbourne will also teach you how to be a safe and courteous driving. While millions in Australia drive on a regular basis, this can be a dangerous activity if you are not skilled and educated in the process. The best way to learn is one that helps you to pass your test and to be safer behind the wheel, and driving lessons Melbourne do just that.

Learning how to drive can be a fun and exciting experience, but it can also be intimidating. It is important to choose driving lessons Melbourne that pair you with a calm, compassionate and informative instructor. As you begin researching the various educational centers and training programs available that offer driving lessons Melbourne, take time to consider everything from cost to training sessions and the experience of the instructor. This will help you to select the best training option for you.

DJ Hire Melbourne

DJ Hire Melbourne
The DJ can transform your venue to match that of a nightclub or ballroom party depending on your needs. You can hire a DJ for any event including birthday, graduation, corporate function, family gathering and wedding. Since most DJs are trained to read and respond to different crowd dynamics, a professional DJ Hire Melbourne will get your party rocking by delivering life through music, dance and laughter. DJs are contracted based on the duration of stay and type of event. Good examples of DJ Hire Melbourne services include; Karaoke DJ, Birthday DJ, Video DJ, Wedding DJ and Kid’s DJ. 

A wedding DJ in Melbourne possess all the necessary skills required to make any wedding event extra special. The DJ makes this possible by creating the ultimate party environment that caters for the needs of all invited guest. Birthday DJ events are normally held in the house, halls and function rooms. To recreate an eventful birthday party event; a more personalized music playlist is necessary, in addition to a complete set of entertainment package that includes flood lights, audio equipment and smoke machine. Most corporate party events usually call for a surprise and soothing music package to lift the party spirit. Special corporate events that demand customized packages, often demands for a unique matching theme and corresponding costume. 

If you request for a mobile DJ Hire Melbourne package, various DJ equipments may have to be transported to the venue. Some of the must-have DJ equipments include speakers, DJ consoles with laptop connections, amplifiers, smoke machines, PA sound systems and strobe lighting. Beside the cost factor, when contracting a professional DJ Hire Melbourne service, it is important to request for the DJs music selection. Some of the most popular music genres in Melbourne include RnB and Hip Hop, House and Techno music, Classics, Chill-out music, Rock and Jazz.

How to Find Reliable Painters in Brisbane

How to Find Reliable Painters in Brisbane

Every homeowner is tasked with the role of ensuring their home looks beautiful. This begins with ensuring the home is protected from inappropriate activities that could lead to loss of already installed beauty features, to hiring professionals for painting and renovations. There are many groups of painters in Brisbane, who are able to offer the beauty you have been looking for. However, you need to hold several factors into consideration before hiring any painter. Here are guidelines that will help you choose the right painters in Brisbane to help keep your home beautiful. 

One of the things that every person would like to consider is the total cost expected for the project. Different companies offer different rates, so you may consider choosing professionals who offer services within your set budget. Most painters in Brisbane from PR Painting offer discounted rates, especially if you are a new client. You can then schedule regular maintenance to keep the home beautiful all the time. However, you may want to hire people who will not compromise on quality, so do not be blinded by low rates. You can go for groups that have served for many years in this field as they are able to offer reliable services and at affordable rates to help maintain their good reputation. 

Always consider references and the reputation of the painters you want to hire. To choose among painters in Brisbane, you need to ask for referrals to known experts who are able to respond to your demands. Most importantly, you can log on to online for a, where you will find information about different companies that are known to offer reliable painters in Brisbane. This way, you will have the job completed as you planned and within the set budget.