For Schools And Community Groups

The Mornington Peninsula Surf School offers a comprehensive schools program tailored to meet the needs of individual schools.

We are utilizing the ‘Safe Surfer Program’ as a means of introducing youth to surf sport and surf culture and as a means of giving individuals the opportunity to progress through the sport.

Our services range from a one off experience to a program specifically developed in liaison with schools to meet specific outcomes inline with curriculum needs.

The Mornington Peninsula Surf School operates and is registered as a Surfing Australia Surf School and as such is governed by the high standards set by this national body.

We only use G-Board soft deck surfboards, which are of the highest standard in terms of equipment, and all students will be provided with wetsuits suitable for the climate and venue.

It is the policy to meet with any prospective clients in order to develop a program most suited to their needs.

We have a working knowledge of the C.S.F. 2 document and encourage developing specific courses to reach the learning outcomes desired for different classes.

All instructors working on the school program are surfers themselves and hold qualifications either in teaching or to diploma level as Outdoor Recreation Instructors. All have worked in schools as either Physical Education Teachers, Outdoor Education teachers or have worked in industry as instructors in a number of adventure activities. Our company also insists that instructors hold their Level One Surf Coaching Award and current Lifesaving Qualifications.

Our Education Officer has extensive experience in Secondary schools and within the TAFE system. Programs that fulfil all requirements outlined in current Curriculum documents such as that stated in the Curriculum Standards Framework, VCE outlines and The Training Packages can be delivered. The surf school has the capacity to provide recognised assessors who can sign off on all skills or competencies developed.

We can also provide surf instructors and the necessary equipment for school camps and activity days.

For more information as to how we can provide a service that would suite the educational needs of your department or school please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Reasons to Take an RSA Course

Reasons to Take an RSA Course

If you have a type of business where people are being served alcohol, it is necessary by law that you and your employees take an RSA course. The RSA course basically helps anyone who takes it to know how to responsibly serve alcohol to customers of all kinds. This might include checking to see if someone is of legal drinking age, knowing when someone has had enough to drink and also looking for other suspicious behavior when someone is ordering drinks from your bar or restaurant. The RSA course Sydney is more than just something that is required by law, since it can also be a wonderful teaching tool for any business owner.

Because you want to know that you are serving alcohol in a highly responsible manner, taking an RSA course is one of the best things you can do. It might also be beneficial for all of your workers to go for the RSA course as well so that they can learn how to be more responsible while serving drinks as well. Upon completion of the course, you or your employees will receive a certification that lets everyone know that the course has been taken. It is one of those small steps you can take in order to be a better and more responsible business owner for your many guests.